Sorry, you can't buy this castle no matter how much money you have, it is ours!

But, you can buy a condo in the castle! Or you can become an investor in the castle for the same amount, to own a share of 10% or 20%. For further details send us an e-mail to: or call us at 775.852.5105


 There are many castles for sale throughout Europe. They range from historic castles in desperate need of renovation to splendid castles which have been fully restored. There are castles that can be bought for as little as 75,000.00 euros to castles that cost 20 million euros, and in all price ranges in-between. 

We specialize in Castle Aquisition and Castle Viewing Trips, and our associates in Germany are specialize in historic restoration. Whether you are interested in buying a castle or whether you are a castle enthusiast and just want to see castles, and stay in castles, we can accommodate you. 

The castles which are for sale often go back to the 12th and 13th century, but many were built or rebuilt during the Renaissance and Baroque period. They were embellished in the elaborate style of these times often replacing earlier simpler and more crude structures.

Anyone can become an owner of such a castle providing you have the funds to buy and renovate the castle. Unless you have or can arrange financing with your home bank, loans are not possible in most cases, especially if you live in another country.  In  Germany foreign nationals with some exceptions, can own property outright, in some other eastern European countries a buyer may have to establish a corporation through which he can buy the castle.  Outright ownership is possible in most western European countries.  

Together with our associates in Germany we can assist you with the purchase of a castle. Our associates in Germany specialize in the acquisition of castles and historic reconstruction. By letting us know how large a castle you want, what you want to do with it and most important what your budget is, we will suggest castles which will fit your interest.  For a service fee we can do a private search if we don't have a castle that fits your intended use. For 500.00 euros you can also buy a list from our associate if you want to do a caslte viewing tour on your own. The list gives you GPS addresses for the castles and gives information on the size, condition and the purchase price. In many cases our associates are able to negotiate the purchase asking price for you. All information we give is based solely on information which has been given to us by the owners. We can not assume the responsibility of complete accuracy of the information shown.  If you have a serious interest in a particular castle we can arrange a viewing trip. Viewing trip can be a few days or a week depending what all you want to see. The cost is five hundred dollars per day including lodging, transportation and ther services of our associate as your consultant. Itis money well spend if you are serious about buying a castle. You could drive around for month and never find what you get what you see and learn on one of our castle viewing tours. Usually three to four days is sufficient to view from 10 to 20 castles. If you decide to buy one of the properties, you will have our associates full support with the purchase process.  

If you would like to know more about buying a castle the information below will give you an idea of the steps you have to take.

A.) You must have the funds for the purchase. If you have to rely on money coming from real estate you may want to sell for the purchase of the cstle, wait until you have sold your real estate otherwise the castle may not be available when you have the money to buy. Of course you can go on a castle viewing tour just to get an idea of what is around, and what you can expect when you start looking seriously.

B.) If you do have the funds to buy and you find a castle you want to purchase, you will have to make a deposit to a notary to start drawing up the purchase contract. 

C.) It usually takes from two to four weeks to have the purchase contract drawn up. When the contract is ready you have to deposit the full purchase price plus 3.5 to 5% property purchase tax, 19%VAT if the castle is for private use which however is refundable, and the realtor commission and/or consulting fees.

D.) You now have to set up a bank account in the area where the castle is located to deposit construction funds into it. You may also want to hire a local accountant. We can help you with this too. In many cases it is advantages to form a GmbH, a corportatin which costs about 1,500.00 euros.

E.) You have to hire a Baumeister (general contractor) to start the renovation process. If you do the reconstruction with our associates, they will handle all this for you. You can do some of the work on your own, but you still have to hire workmen, electrician, an architectural engineer for the plumbing and heating system which in most cases has to replaces. Alternatively there are castles and manor houses that need only cosmetic renovation such as paint and new appliances. These youc an easily do your self if you have the experience to carry this kind of renovation work out.

G.) You must take into consideration that investing in a castle is investing is not something to get rich with overnight. It takes a bit of time to renovate a castle and set up a business venture, but once restored a castle always retains its value.  The right use concept is important to make castle a profitable investment. Our associates can help and advise you with this.

H.)  A 3% to 6% commission applies to all purchases. If the property is less than 100,000.00 euros a consulting fee of 7,500 euros applies. If the property is listed with a an other realtor, the commission stipulated by the realtor applies. 

I.) If a castle shows a purchase price of 1.00 Euro that is the price for the structure. The actual sale price is the value of the land on which the castle stands on. This cost varies with the location of the castle and the size of the land. The 1.00 Euro is only the cost of the structure which can still be a very good value depending on the condition of the building.

PARTNERS - Unless you have the funds to buy and renovate which more or less can add up to a million or two euros, conider buying a castle together with several partners. It is the smart way and the only way of becoming the owner of a castle. Financing is very difficult if not impossible. Partners can either be working partner or silent partners. They can be persons you know or add your name to our list which will appear just below this paragraph in January. It is the way we bought our castle (shown above) for which we haven an opening for one more partner who will be an owner of 20% of the castle and its business.It is not only a way to make castle ownership possible, but it is also fun to have partners with whom to plan and discuss the project. If you have questions send us an e-mail to:

For further details contact us at:
or call us at 775-852-5105 Mon. to Fri. 9 am to 4:30 pm west coast time.

OCT 29 TO NOV. 6, 2015

Join us on this extra ordinary tour where you will view castles of all kinds and learn all about buying and restoring a castle. It is the only tour of its kind in the world. Invaluablae for those serious about buying a caslte or those just wanting to the adventure of see castles, real castles, not tourist attractions. Go to our web site: and click on Castle Tour to find out more about this tour.

Some Castles you will see
For further details contact us at:
or call us at 775-852-5105 Mon. to Fri. 9 am to 4:30 pm west coast time.


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All measurements and costs are approximate and may vary from those given.


HISTORIC CASTLE HOTEL NEAR PAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - This historic castle hotel is located in scenic region of Central Bohemia, 74 km (44 miles from Prague. The castle overlooks a lake and has been totally restored and it is an operating hotel. The floor space is 23,500 square feet, the grounds are just under two acresa and include lake front. The purchase price is 2.5 mil. Euros. For a contact to the owners send us an e-mail to:


HILLTOP CASTLE IN SAXONY This large historic castle was first mentioned in 1456. The castle has an advantageous location on the top of a hill aboe a river and a small village with good accessability. The castle has about 14,000 square feet and has 45 rooms. Some of these rooms were once large room which have been divided up during the East German time. It is not a proble to restore the rooms to their original size. Althrough in good structureal condition the castle needs retoration inside and outside. the grounds are about 2 acres. It would be an ideal projekt for several partners investing int the purchase and restoration. If the idea appeals to you contact us about it at


ROMANTIC CHATEAU -  This castle built in the style of a Loire chateau in France is located in the State of Saxon-Anhalt, not to far from the city of Leipzig. The castle was built as a fortress in the 13th century. In the 17th century the crude fortress was reconstructed as a castle and in 1799 it was given its present romantic look. The castle has a floor space of about 17,000 square feet and the grounds are 5 acres. The three winged building is in good structureal shape but needs renovation both outside and inside, some sections more so than others. Gas, water and electricity lines are connected. The purchase price is 299,000.00 euros plus a realtor commission of 7.14% - Check with us about an issue this castle has. At the moment there is a potential buyer looking into the purchase of this castle.


HISTORIC MOUNTAIN RESORT - This 19th century castle has a illustrious history. It is located in a mountainsous region in south estern Saxony and has a splendid setting on a hillside above a small village. Nearby are ski areas and a blobsled run of internation renown. Although the castle is far removed from busy roads, it is easily accessible and the Baroque city of Dresden about an hour's drive away. Prague in the Czech Republic is less than two hours away. The castle is being developed into a a summer and winter resort and for 350,000 euros you can become a owner of one third of the castle and its operation, and receive 1/3 of all future profits. You can opt to live and be involved in the operation or you can be an absenty owner. As an owner you will have an apartment in the castle us use as you see fit.
We have much interest from clients looking to own a castle but have limited funds to invest, not enough to buy and restore most castles that are for sale. This is a perfect opportunity to own a large fraction of a castle, live in it, work in the business and get paid, or just use it as an investment without going throught he long process of purchasing a castle by yourself, hiring workers to renovate the building and setting up a business. It is the perfect solution to own a historic castle without spending the millions which renovtion of a castle usually costs. For details call 775.852.5105 or send us an e-mail to:

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SPA TOWN CASTLE IN THE CZECH REPUBLID - Today's castle was built in 1771 refelecting the Baroque architecture of this time, but its history goes back to 1250.  The castle is is located on the edge of a popular spa town in Bohemia, 40 km north of the center of Prague and about the same distance from the German border. The castle has been completely renovated. It has it has approximentally 11,000 square feet of living spance and about 2 acres of land with some esate houses which are part of the property. It also has its own mineral water well, for which the spa town is famous. The castle would be ideal as a health clininc since the the town is a much visited tourist destination, or as a dental clinic since it is close to the German border where dental services are considerably more expensive than in the Czech Republic.  It would also lend itself well as a private residence.The castle has about 6000 square feet of floor space olus an other 2,500 square feet in an additional building. The castle and former estate house it is set on two acres of nice park land.  The purchase price is 1,250,000.00 Euros. Please send an e-mail for an expose for further details to: or contact the owner, Hans Ramp, directly at:

Interior pictures were taken during restoration

SCHLOSS WENDISCHBORA - This castle dates to the 15th century and was the birthplace and childhood home of Katherina von Bora, the wife of the reformer Martin Luther. Historic records show that the same archtect that built the famous Semper Opera House in Dresden, was the architect for the Castle Wendischbora. The castle was built in the Italian Renaissance style which the architect, after many trips to Italy, had incorportate in many of his buildings including the Semper Opera House. The castle is located in a scenic valley in the small village of Wendischbora. Dresden, capitol of Saxony and one of the great Baroque cities of Europe, is about 18 miles, away. The Dresden airport is about 25 miles away. The castle has been totally renovated. It has about 11,000 square feet of floor space on two levels. The grounds are woodland. The purchase price is 1.250,000 euros. Adjacent to the castle is a popular small specialty restaurant which can be bought separately, or together with the castle. The restaurant has been in business for 16 years and ahs an established clientele. For further details contact: Hans Ramp at or Posh Journeys at:

Click on the pictures to enlarge them - from left to right: the castle today, an old picture of the castle, the vaulted cellars in the castle

HISTORIC COUNTRY ESTATES AND VINEYARDS IN ITALY - The estate is located in the hilly mountains on the border of the provinces of Marche and Emilia Romagna in the center of Italy. The grounds of the estate are 25-plus acres. The sloping land and the climate is suitable for planting grapes. Additional land to expand the vineyards can be accquired. The location of the estates among sunny mountain slopes and close to the Adriatic Sea, is ideal to grow Italy's iconic Sangiovese grape. The two estates can be bought seperate or together. Perched on a hill above the estates is a centuries-old hilltop village. Once it was an important fortified village with a castle at it center, but it has been abandoned and the years have taken its toll. The village is for sale and can be bought together with the one or both of the estates, or by itself. For more information, details, pictures, and costs, write to: or call 775.851.5105 - from outside the United States call 001.775.852.5105


 CASTLE SCHNADITZ - This 800-year old knights castle has an amazing history and with ties to the American Revolutionary War, Because of its American connection the castle will be converted into an American style steak and barbeque restaurant and a 5-star hotel complex. A 10% share can be bought for 175,000 Euros, a 20% share for 300,000 Euros. Renovation work is under way which can change the cost for the shares according to how much work is completed. The castle has a great location, beween the Luther town of Wittenberg, the Renaissance Town of Torgau and the city of Leipzig. The Leipzig-Halle International Airport is 25 miles away. The former 28-acre castle park borders the castle and is surrounded by a moat. For details send us an e-mail to: or call: 775.852.5105


CASTLE KLINGENBERG -  The castle has recently been totally renovated on the outside including repairing the roof. Theremaining interior renovation is estimated at about 300,000 euros. The castle is one of the oldest knights castles in Saxony going back to the early 16th century. The floor space is is 14,000 square feet, the grounds are about one half acre.The location is good, distance to Dresden, the capitol of Saxony is about 20 miles. The castle faces a small square, the back side overlooks the wooded countryside. Sine the castle stands at the edge of a hill, the view can never be obstructed. A couple good business oppertunity exust. The purchase price is 125,000 Euros. For a picture expose send us an e-mail to:


 MOATED CASTLE -  This is one of the few moated castles that is for sale. The castle has been partially renovated and has a floor space of about 12,000 square feet. The grounds are 5 acres with a one 1.5 acres lake. The purchase price is 750,000 euros. Contact us for more information.


  CASTLE WEISSIG - 19TH century castle country estate an hours drive from the city od Dresden and the Dresden Airport. The castle has been partially renovated and has about 24,000 square feet of floor space with a total of 90 rooms. The grounds are 4 acres with horse stables and a park. The asking price is 590,000 euros. Contact us for most recent information.


CASTLE MUTSCHEN - Baroque Castle set on a mountain side in the scenic Mulde river valley. Today's castle dates to 1703 but its history goves back to the 11th century.The castle about 28,000 square feet of floor space and 14 acres of ground with a 2 acre lake. The castle is set on high ledge with the former moat, now dry, still partially existing. One of the former estate buildings has been made into a museum which can be taken over if  an buyer desires to do this, or the building can be used for something else as the musuem can be moved. The purchase price is 350,000 euros. Estensive renovation remains to be done on the castle itself.


 ROMANTIC CASTLE ESTATE - This elaborate and historic castle is located in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the Baltic region of Germany in a popular holiday area. It was built in 1871and is set in a large park of about 15 acres. The castle itself has a floor area of 20,000 square feet. The roof and the outside has been renovated in part in 2007, but having stood empty since then, the castle total interior renovation is needed. An ideal use would be as a boutique spa hotel and restaurant or prvate residence if you prefer a countyside location. The asking price is 280,000.00 euros. Contact us for further details and purchase information.

heiko schloss mallin 2.jpg (143324 bytes)      

PARTNERS - Frequently an interested buyer is able to purchase a castle but when it comes to restoration cost it is often the end of the line. The solution is to partner with others who have the same interest and who are in the same boat. Let's take for instance the Casthle Mutschen shown above. The purchse price is 350,000 euros. The renovation costs are estimated at 1.5 mil. euros. If you are four partners the total investment comes to about 500,000 euros each partner has to put up to own the fully restored castle. If it is of interest send us your name and contact and we will post a list here. You can then contact each other fom the names posted.


EXCLUSIVE CASTLE ESTATE IN THE NETHERLANDS  - This historic and beautiful Kasteel (Castle) is located southeast of Amsterdam in a region of lakes and forests not far from the historic old city of Amersfoort. The castle is luxury hotel and on its extensive grounds are several events venues. The castle is well established as as a hotel and meeting center and represents a profitable investment. The asking price is 25 million euros. Contact us for more information at; or contact Inge van der Stok at:


CASTLE IN A PARK - This castle is is set in the park of Bad Muskau which has been dedicataed at UNESCO Heritage site. Half of this large park is in Germany the other half in Poland. In the park you can walk freely from one country into the other. The castle is one of three set in the park, it is the only one of the castles that can be privately owned, the others are owned by the state and are museums. The castle has ben renovated on the outside and some of it on the inside, but needs more inside renovation. The floor space is about 14,000 square feet, the land on which the castle stands is about half an acre, however, this may sound small, but there is no need to have more land since the historically protected park of hundreds of acres is all around the castle. We do not have the correct sale price but it is about 200,000 euros for the building, the property that goes with it on a land lease, the yearly lease payments for it will be very small. Contact us for more information:



 MEDIEVAL CASTLE NEAR MEISSEN IN SAXONY -  Not far from the 1000-year old town of Meissen is the this imposing medieval castle whose oldest section is original from 1500. the castle was built in 1392 and was a private residence for most of the centuries. Some restorations have been made to two sections which are presently used as a youth club and as as offices for a historic association. The castle is in solid condition but it needs interior and exterior restoration. Mucicipal water and utility lines exist but have to be connected. The cast has a new water and sewer system. Contact us for the purchase price and more information at: contact


*****IMPOSING BAROQUE CASTLE IN SAXONY -  This is large castle is set in an extenive English style park with a lake and the river Spree running through it.  During the East German time the castle was a hospital and it was kept up until the early 90's after which time it had several owners, none who did much with it. The location is very good, within about two hours drive of Berlin and Dresden. The countrys aroundit it is a populr tourist region. The 1000-year old town of Bautzen is about half an hour away and the Dresden, and the Dresden Airport are about 1.5 hours away.  Contact us at: contact@posh



BAROQUE CASTLE CROSSEN -  Centuries before Castle Crossen received its Baroque look it was a defensive fortress staning on a hill above the village with the same name. The castle had its heyday in the late 1700's when it became one of the most elaborate castles of its time. In the 30's its last heir who, an Embassador stationed in Peking (Beijing) sold everything in the castle that wasn't nailed down and let if fall in decay. In the late thirties a it was bought by the owener of brewery who made necessary restoration to keep the caslte from deteriorating more. During WWII the German army confiscated the castle and after the war it became a refugee center and later was partially used by a college. Today it has stood empty for many years and is now for sale by the municipality. The purchase price is on request but will be very reasonable it its future use will create jobs for the local population. Renovation costs are estimated between 1 million and 5 million depending what someone does with it. Contact us for an expose and more details.


RITTERGUR SILBITZ - Located in the state of Thueringia and with an hours drive of the Leipzig International Airport, this estate, a Rittergut means knights estate, stands on some just under an acre of ground. The floor space is 13,000 square feet. Two gate houses and a barn are part of the property. The manor is solid condtion and some of the rooms have been renovated. The roof is new and utilities are present. the entrance hall has a magnificent stucco ceiling. The interior woodwork has been refinished. The asking price is 250,000 euros. Renovation cost varies between 700,000 euros and 1 mil. depending on what is done with it.



SMALL HUNTING CASTLE IN SAXONY - This small castle has been partially renovated, prospective buyers ar invited to spend a night in the castle to familiarise themselves with it. The castle is 30 km from the city of Dresden and about 40 minutes drive from the Dresden Airport. It has a floorspace of 4000 feet and has 5 acres of grounds. The purchase price is 500,000 euros. This castle can be moved in at once, no renovation is necessar except for personal updating to some interior spaces and applicances.



16TH CENTURY ESTATE WITH OPERATING CASTLE HOTEL -  The estate, a former Rittergut, dates to the early 16th century, it was later bought by one of Germany's most influential noble families in whose possession it was until 1945 when it was confiscataed by the East German government. It had various uses over the the years until the east German government collapsed in 1989. In..... it was privately bought and today it is a spa hotel for alternative Medicin. The castle has 16,000 square feet floor space and 4000 square meters of ground. It borders a lovely park and a natare preserve. The purchase price is 750,000 euros. Restoration is not necessary except for restructuring some of the rooms to fit a buyers needs and minor cosmetic restoration. The furnishing are not included in the purchase price but can be negotiated for.



  ***CASTLE MUEHLBERG - This 1000-year old castle in  a small town in Saxony has a wonderful location near the Elbe river and it has been about 60% renovated but needs further improvements and renovation. An ideal use would be a restaurant along with apartments. The price is extremely attractive, one of the best castle buys we have come across. The purchse price is 480,000 euros. Renovation costs between 500,000 euros plus depending on what one does with it.  more info from:-   Under Negotiation

                        Muehlberg Front Entrance Schroeter.jpg (128537 bytes)     

*HISTORIC VILLA IN THE SPA TOWN OF BAD WILDUNGEN. The estate includes several other buildings, all totally renovated including a bungalow on a hillside. The grounds are about 20 acres. Although very private, the estate has good access to major roads. The villa is partially furnished with classic antiques and a section of it is furnished with old country-style furniture and hunting trophies. A section of the grounds is zoned for additional buildings.  This is a prestigious estate for a discriminating investor. The asking price is 2.9 million euros. E-mail us for fuerther information and a picture expose at:


 NEOGOTHIC CASTLE BUILT OF PETRIFIED WOODThe facade, the windows and the attic have been renovated in 1995 to 1999. The interior needs total renovation, some of it only cosmetic. The location between the city of Leipzig and the city of Halle is good. The castle has 10,000 square feet of floor space and about 2 acres of ground. The asking price is 790,000 euros.



CASTLE ALTDOEBERN  -  Castle Altdoebern is a classic Baroque castle built in 1717 and is set in a 140 acre park with a large lake. The castle is located about an hours drive south of Berlin near the water landscape the Spreewald region which is a popular tourist area. The castle is  7 km from the A13, the main freeway connection Berlin and Dresden. The property would be ideal for an upscale hotel or seminar facility. Total floor space is about 3000 square meters or about 32,000 square feet. The last renovation took place in 1880 in which sections of the castle were rebuilt in the neo-Gothic style. Extensive renovations have been made in recent years. Purchase price on request.

            Schloss Altoebern Big Big. B.JPG (180879 bytes)       

  CASTLE EICHBARLEBEN -  This castle is what remains of a once immense castle estate.  The castle dates to 1750 and was home to one of the most influental noble families of what is today the state of Saxon Anhalt. The main wing and a number of stables and barns make up the castle complex today which is surrounded by forest land. The purchase price is 75,000 euros. The overall condition is poor. Extensive renovation work is needed to restore this once imposing castle. The location in the castle park is good but a small housing development has been built on one side of the castle taking a way from privacy.



  ZAMEK MORAVIA - This historic castle is located in Moravia, the wine growing region of the Czech Republic southeast of Prague. The castle has been built in 1520 by the Barons Svabensti and was resold in 1612 to be made it into a hunting lodge. In 1659 the Hrandisko Monastery near the castle was bought by the castle owners and became a part of the estate. In later centuries the castle was renovated several times and in the mid-19th century sections of it were rebuilt in the Neo Gothic style with towers, gables and battlements. The castle itself stands on about 17 ha (42 acres) of parkland with ponds, gardens and orchards. The condition is good but beside the already renovated sectio which include two apartments and a restaurant the building needs total resoration. The purchase price for the castle and it's 42 acre park is now 20 mil. Czech Crowns, presently about 1 mil dollars.

        Zamek Moriavia fall picture.jpg (157225 bytes)   Zamek_Morava_outside_2.JPG (243827 bytes)   Zamek Moriavia grounds with pond.jpg (201487 bytes)   

 CASTLE DAHLEN - The Baroque Castle Dahlen is among  some of the most historic castles in Saxony.  Although it burned to the ground in 1973, its original form has not been destroyed. The castle is located in a large city park which could possibly be bought along with the castle, or if it stays the property of the city, it will be city maintained. The castle has a floor space of about 1700 square meters or about 18,500 square feet.  An ideal use would be as a museum because of its historic importance. A  former administrative  buildings, now used as an apartment is part of  the property. Purchase price is to be negotiated with the city. Renovation costs depend on the extend of art,  stucco work and wall paintings  restored, but the cost could  conceivable run between 2, and 4 Million  euros. 

           Dahlen seen from Park.jpg (167576 bytes)    

Also available in Dahlen is the historic rail road station, details 
under:  contact us for details or

DAHLWITZ-HOPPEGARTEN - This neo-Gothic castle was build in 1855 by one of Berlin's famous  architects of this time in the style which was then very much in vogue. The 100-acre park surrounding it was designed and built in 1821 in the style of an English country park with waterways, ponds and forest land. The castle is located within the city of Berlin near the horse racing track and the convention center, and within a short distance of Berlin's outer ring road.  Because of its location is would be well suited as a hotel. The floor space not including the basement is about 12,000 square feet. The building was used as a kindergarten until a few years ago and its structural condition is good.  All of the elaborate stucco decoration on the outside have been stripped away during the Communist era, but can easily be put back in place again. Because of it attractive price and its location, and large parcel of land, the Castle Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten is  an excellent  investment. Purchase price on request.


CASTLE MARTINSKIRCHEN -  This elaborate Baroque castle was built early in the 18th century by the brother of Count Bruehl, right hand adjutant to the famous Saxon King Augustus the Strong.  The castle is located in the countryside along the Elbe river, about an hours drive from Leipzig or Dresden .The outside of the castle has been historically renovated, renovation work is still necessary on the inside.  Many original features such a an elaborately painted ceiling in the ballroom still exist. The castle is set on about 4 acres of ground. The floor space of the castle is about 16,000 square feet. Two large historic barns are part of the property.  Purchase price on request.



CASTEL WITTENMOOR - This castle was the country estate  of the former noble family of von Alvensleben whose roots go back to the 13th century. The estate is in the state of  Sachsen-Anhalt  and was built in 1880. It consists of the Herrenhaus (castle) and a number of other building including horse barns and a riding hall. The estate is set on 50 acres of land.  All buildings need renovation. The manor is in good condition and needs only partial renovation.  It was occupied until 2007. Purchase price  and further information on request.




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