Croatia, April/May 2016 

On the 25th of April we landed in Sarajevo in Bosnia in a snow storm. Passport check and customs was quick and eay, taking minutes. After collecting our luggage we were met by our driver to be taken to the hotel. Sarajevo was rather unimpressive around the airport, modern, industriel, nothing to awe about. Here and there the burned out ruins of buildings destroyed during the war in the early 90's were reminders of this time.

Then we arrived at our hotel, the Hotel President which could not have been in a better location. The modern glass front of the hotel faced the river and the bridge where in.........The back of the hotel bordered the old town with its narrow lanes crowed with small stores and coffee shops. The hotel was as attractive as its location. Newly renovated the rooms were of good size with great views no matter what they looked out on.

We got settled and some of us set out to find something to eat and a beer. It had begun to rain and sleet again and we headed into the first nice looking coffee shop, sat down and ordered a beer. But no beer, no wine.  We tried a couple other with the same results, no alcohol was served anywhere. Then we put two and two together, this was a town with a large population of Muslims, thus alcohol was scarce. Two in the group had gone to the Hacienda, a little Mexican place across from the hotel where they had a beer. Getting damp, we decided the Mexican place it was. The atmosphere was that of a Turish coffee house, but with Sombreros hung on the walls. But it was warm and cozy and a congenial waiter spoke English. Thus our first night in Sarajevo we had natchos and burritos and tacos with sides of refried beans and spanish rice. Fun, tje food was good and good beer which, as we found out the next day was brewed in a local brewery that dated to the mid-1800s, some ten minutes walk from the hotel!

The next day the sun shone brightly and the mountain that slope down to the city where covered with snow. Instead of writing a lot, we will let pictures do the talking. Click on them to enlarge them.