Plan a romantic Get’away
Discover the magic of Venice in November
Nov.11 to Nov.20, 2020

Alternatively we will change the dates to March 12 – 22,2021


The extra-ordinary allure of Venice has been described by Byron and Browning, it’s views were painted by Tintoretto and Canaletto, these are just some of its admirers. And next November after the masses have departed  you can share the magic of La Serenissima, for ten incredible days. At the same time you will help restore some of the priceless treasure which were damaged in the December 2019 flood since your host, Posh Journeys, will donate all proceeds to the Historic Conservation Fund of Venice.

In November when the fog creeps in from the Adriatic you need not to wait in line to visit Venice’s most famous sights, you need not to wait for a gelato or better make this a cup of hot cappuccino or a glass of wine at this time of the year.. Instead of streets and squares crawling with tourists, they have grown quieter peopled only with a few tourists who have come to experience a slower Venice, the magic of mist-shrouded canals.  The weather, even on misty days only adds to the fascination.  And the prices have dropped to half that of the mad months from May to September.  Contact us for more information and prices at: or call us Mon. through Friday at 775.952.5105

For the moment though we are simply hoping that by the time November comes around the Covit19 Drama has come to an end. It would be fantastic if that would be the case. But as the situation looks, most likely that will not be so. At the moment we can’t even fly out of the country, we are banned everywhere. even hell does not want us and heaven most likely does not want us either. What is the solution? We postponed the dates, see above. We will make a decision by the beginning of September.