Dental Vacations in Hungary

Advance appointments available throughout the year

Together with our partners in Hungary we are taking Dental Tourism to the next level. We are taking the guess work out of your dental trip abroad. From the time you step on a plane to travel to Europe to the time you return you are taken care of. We give you a choice of several excellent dentists and of a several lodging packages from which you can choose. There is much to do and see while you vacation in Hungary. You can visit not only Budapest and Bratislava, but also Vienna which is just a short distance away. or spend your days exploring the countryside lush with its many rivers, lakes and villages where still storks nest during the spring and summer, and where fish are plentiful if you are a fly fisherman. You can also visit the Baroque towns of Gyoer and Sopron, the imposing hilltop Monastery of Panonhalma, the splendid Castle Fertoed build in the French style in the 18th century where the famous composer Joseph Haydn was music master. But its is not only the spring, summer and autumn months that make for great vacations in Hungary. Winter can be equally attractive when tourists are few, yet you can still do everything the warmer months offer. This and much more awaits you on a dental vacation in Hungary or in Bratislava. Below are a few pictures of places you will get to know on your trip.

dental team in hungary
Our partner clinic in Hungary will not only book your appointments, but will assist you with lodging, info on restaurants, banks, shops, sightseeing etc. By sending a digital x-ray you will be quoted the cost for your treatment for which you can pay by credit card, cash or with bank transfer. From a first cost quote to the day when you return home, everything is taken care of. They will schedule your stay according to your dental needs as well as lodging and sightseeing while you are in Hungary or Bratislava. Nothing is left to chance. If you like to have that million dollar smile, but can’t afford to spend $20,000 to $30,000 or more for it, you may opt to spend your next vacation in the thermal resort of Mosnmagyarovar in norther Hungary, about forty miles from the Vienna International Airport. Your savings will not only pay for your trip, but you will have money in the bank when your return home.

We at Posh Journeys can assist you with contacting the clinic and answer question you may have. We also can now arrange for financing for your dental work with interests rates as low as 7.9% Or you may qualify for 12 to 18 months interest free loans. Ask us for more details.

An often asked and important question by a potential dental tourist is; “what if I have problems with my dental work after I return?” Although from experience with past patients this is has not yet been the case. If you do have a major problem which is a direct result from the dental treatment you have received, the clinic will refer you a partner dentist in the United States or work with you to return to Hungary to work on the problem. YOUR ADVANTAGES are that we have worked with Dr.Kannmann and his team since 2001. We can assure you that you will be in good hands. Dr.Kannmann speaks good English which is another advantage, If you do not k now the doctor, not being able to communicate can be complicated. You will be familiar with your dentist before you arrive. You know what to expect and the cost or approximate cost of your dental treatment. When we selected our partner clinic we exercised great care to work only with a clinic equipped with the most up-to-date technique and with highly experienced dentists trained in the latest methods of dentistry to assure you the best dental care available.