Vietnam is a fascinating, modern yet ancient country. Unfortunately, on a group tour it is often featured as just one of three or four countries the tour visits, enough time to visit the major tourist sights. O.K for a brief look but not near enough to experience this beautiful country once referred to as Indochina.

But why not plan a private tour to what you want to see, not what a tour operation thinks you should see. If your interest is ancient history visit 2000-year old temples hidden in the jungle, or tombs that are palaces rather then tombs, the mansions of colonial Indochina and the sights of modern day Vietnam.

If you are a foody there is no country that offers a more varied cuisine than Vietnam. From traditional dishes to upscale French cuisine, to beer pubs, to fantastic haute cuisine, to street food and Viennese pastries. You will find all it in Saigon. You will return not only with fabulous food memories and recipes,  but also with bottles of sauces and jars of spices to recreate everything at home you tasted on your trip. And don’t forget tea, grown in the cool mountain climates of central and northern Vietnam. Load up on it if you love tea, it is inexpensive.

In fact, if you are into tea we can put together a tea tour to the incredibly scenic mountains of central and northern Vietnam where it is grown.

If you are a birdwatcher or love animals, stay in a luxurious safari tent in Cat Tien National Park, or travel to neighboring Cambodia to experience the Elephants of Mondulkiri, a sanctuary that shelters Elephants who once were work animals or carried tourists on their back, something that no Elephant should have to endure. In Monduklkiri the Elephants roam free in their natural environment. Another destination you can combine with Vietnam is Thailand where the Wildlife Friends Fountadtion has established a wonderful home of Elephants and other animals that were rescued from abuse or injuries. A very special visit in Thailand that is available only by private arrangements is a visit to the Clouded Leopards, a highly endangered animal, a cat from which all cats, wild or domesticated, come from. Three or four months notice is needed to arrange a visit.

And don’t overlook a cruise in Halong Bay, not an overnight one, a longer one, three or four or more nights to the more remote areas of the Bay. Great food and great accommodation aboard luxurious small ships, 7 to 14 passengers, where you can lounge on the deck or sit in your stateroom while outside the most scenery floats passes by.

For those who want to do it all, give yourself two or three weeks and experience it all.

For more drop us an email to: We will then get in contact and together we can design an unforgettable trip for not much more than an ordinary group tour.