Yacht Vacations in Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful country bordering Italy in the north and stretching along the Adriatic coast to Monte Negro in the south. The country has a wealth of history dating to the Romans, the reminders of this are everywhere. Croatia is a thoroughly modern country with fabulous beach resorts along the sea, imposing cities and amazing sights. Its population is educated and English is spoken widely.

In Croatia you can plan one of the best and safest vacations anywhere, that of chartering your own yacht to sail along the coast and among the the beautiful off-shore islands and days of sightseeing in towns like like Split with its Roman Old Town and intriguing 2000-year old Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is simply stunning and with tourism still on the downside, 2021 is a perfect year to travel. Having the yacht to yourself you don’t have to stay in hotels since yo return to your private ship after a day of sightseeing.

We are putting together several yacht cruises that can be taken and we plan an escorted Posh Journey   Yacht Tour for the end of September on which we may also include Monte Negro. Even in normal times this mountains country along the Adriatic coast is not overrun by tourists.  All of this while you travel like the rich and famous aboard your private yacht. Details and information will be available shortly. If you want to be contacted when the webpage is posted just drop us a note to: contact@poshjournyes.com