If there is a place you have always wanted to visit, but you can’t find a tour that takes you just to the right places – check with us. We can arrange a privately escorted tour or a self-guided tour you take by yourself, but which is set up specifically for you. Such tours can be arranged for as few as two persons, or for a group of any size.

On a private tour the sky is the limit, we can arrange for anything you desire. We, in conjunction with our associates in Europe and Asia can arrange a tour exactly to your specification. If we don’t know the destination, or if we do not have an associate in a destination you desire, we let you know, still our world-wide contacts enable us to arrange almost anything anywhere in he world.

In the past we have arranged such private tours as castle tours for those interested in buying a castle. Private tours in China, such as volunteer tours at the Giant Panda Research Center,  private golf tours, custom tours for professionals seeking factory contacts in China, and upscale tours to out-of-the-ordiaray destination.  Or you may opt for a special tour to France where you will spend a week in your very own Chateau, ideal for families or a group of friends. Through our division of “Italian Motor Land Tours” we arrange private tours to automobile factories, private car collections, famous auto parts companies and more, along with exception places to stay, great food and wine. Our particular specialty are castle tour for those interested in buying a castle. On all tours you can opt to self drive or have an escort who will also be your driver and host.  Beside specially arranged tours, any tour on our web site can be arranged as a private tour.

All you have to do is contact us and tell us the destination and your interests, and the kind of tour you are looking for, escorted or self guided, upscale or staying in small congenial inns, villas or castles.  After we receive your request we will then provide you with a suggested itinerary which can be modified as we discuss the tour with you. There is no charge for our initial suggestions, simply e-mail, fax, write, or call us and we will take it from there.

We also want you to be aware of our dental tours to Hungary http://www.dental-tourist-vacations.com we know the dentist with whom we are working and have been patients ourselves. With the assistance of the staff at the denal clinic we arrange your hotel accommodations and airport transfers.
For those without insurance or limited insurance going abroad for dental or medical procedures utilizing our expertise and knowledge can save a great deal of money and provide a wonderful vacation on top of it.